Jun 29, 2014

Taste of Berlin

Well, it was one of those trips where you have very little -free- time after assignment, of course am one of those guys who will use this free window to walk around & explore ...

The Potsdamer platz "Area", a one hour walk in that place will give you a little taste of Berlin ...

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Jun 22, 2014

Artyum Bazaar

 During my short stay in Astana City - Kazakhstan , I took my new Fuji x100s in a test drive in & outside the famous Artyum Bazaar, where you can find Cloths, shoes, junks & the fruit market at the first floor of the main building.

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Jun 21, 2014

One summer night in Astana

What a perfect finale to have a little nice thunder storm in the very last night of my stay in Astana - Kazakhstan, just couldn't resist the temptation, unfortunately my Room's view was not ideal to hunt lightning strikes...
but heyyy you should alway give it a shot :P 
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Jan 5, 2014

Singapore special

I was in Singapore last week for a quick assignment ! Unfortunately didn't have any time to "See" the place, except the little windows between shoots & my only free hour after midnight ,,, yet I managed to take a few shots in that little time.

Singapore is one rich city in culture .... definitely needs another visit to explore.

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Dec 14, 2013

Alexa Storm | The After Party

As a follow up to yesterday's post [ here ] another wave of the storm arrived last night to the city, all streets in Amman were simply closed due to ... well ... snow, temperature now is 2'C, reached even 0'C earlier this morning ...

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